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I will never forget the hot August day of ’06 when I purchased the best thing that has ever happened to me. His short stature, puppy fat, and little nips made him the most fun thing to play with. We decided to this Irish Jack Russell Terrier Max. Many people will tell us, “Oh, that name isn’t original.” But it is for Max. Because Max himself is original. He is a one of a kind dog in so many ways. Whenever you interact with him he responds as if he were human (except for the fact that he can’t talk.) He also seems to be pretty cocky in a way but not in a spoiled manner. For example, whenever he goes on walks, he always walks with a straigh, tall posture with his nose pointed straighted and his tail standing up. Why? Because he knows he’s a showstopper. He knows how he makes people “Gooh” and “Ga” over him whenver I walk him (especially those old ladies.)

I am so fortunate to have a four legged friend like Max and I will cherish every moment while I still have him…

Another assignment down… Yea… :I

I am so close to be being done, but yet, so far!

Fuck this shit. I’m going back to sleep!

Going on a tumbl STREAK.

I couldn’t have found a better tumblr theme… (:

I couldn’t have found a better tumblr theme…

I got 99 problems… AND SCHOOL IS ONE! D’x

I… don’t… wanna… do… SHIT! It’s freaking Christmas time! It should be illegal for teacher to assign homework or any other type of work in the month of December! Dx

I remember how it felt when I first got a tumblr and I knew nothing about how to operate it… Now I know it like the back of my hand! xD

Alright, I guess I gotta start Ch. 35. I’m goin’ in!